DAVE School Recognized by Epic Games for Preparing VFX Artists for Real-world Virtual Production

In fields like visual effects and game production, there are tight deadlines, a demand for a high-quality product, and the constant emergence of new technologies. DAVE School recently partnered with the experts at Epic Games and On-Set Facilities to show how we uniquely prepare our students for the ever-evolving Industry in a student-led Virtual Production on the backlot of Universal Studios, Florida. We chose Unreal Engine as a real-time platform for its strong feature set and rich visuals like PBR (physically based rendering) material system and Unreal Engine’s lighting tools.

The real-time technology is helping us develop remote solutions for our programs, as well as explore possibilities for remote production. Real-time technologies are also opening the doors to a multitude of industries that 3D artists normally wouldn’t have considered as viable options coming out of school. It’s changed not only the way our students learn but what they learn to prepare them for their careers.

Our students worked with professionals to gain industry-like experience and create a short film using Unreal Engine. Find out how our students finished their short film working with other professionals in our school’s studio environment using what they were taught in our curriculum about Unreal Engine!

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