We teach software from The Foundry, Autodesk, Maxon, and Epic Games who provide software for the Film and Game Industries. We also offer access to Adobe, Real Flow, PFTrack, and Deadline.


The DAVE School houses a variety of technologies that are available to all of our students. We offer workstations to a Render Farm with nearly 4.0THz worth of processing power via nearly 1100 CPU Cores and 3.1 TB of RAM. We are constantly adding new technologies and keeping up with industry trends, enabling us to offer our students access to tools that are used in the industry. Some of the tools available to our students include:

  • RED Scarlet
  • 5 3D Printers
  • Large Scale Render Farm
  • 10 Camera Vicon Motion Capture System

Motion Capture Studio

Students have access to a 10 Camera Vicon Motion Capture (MOCAP) system. This is the same type of system used in all the big Hollywood visual effects films, as well as AAA game titles for Xbox, PS4 and PS5.

3D Print Lab

Our students have access to 5 3D Printers in our 3D Print Lab to create projects.