Film and Visual Arts Experiences Students Can Use and Attend

It’s almost here! The Florida Film Festival begins April 9 and lasts through April 22. Most films are available to stream. There are various levels of ticket packages. Pro tip: If you don’t want to spring for tickets, click on “Browse the Program,” and you’ll find many of the films have trailers you can watch. Check it out and see what’s there!

I just have to share my favorite Google project: Arts and Culture! You can find it here or you can download the app. This site is just amazing. There are so many cool activities just on the home page that it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ll let you discover that first page, but from there try making virtual visits to world class museums around the world. They use Google’s street view technology to let you move around from room to room inside the museums. You can navigate to within inches of each painting, for example, to examine individual brush strokes.

If you have the app, a cool thing you can do is take a selfie and let the AI magic show you a painting that looks like you. It’s just a little bit eerie. There are augmented and virtual reality goodies you can try out with your phone.

It’s not just paintings, either. There is sculpture, architecture, and even music! You can literally listen to a painting. Oh, and don’t miss the blob opera. It made me laugh like crazy. I know you will enjoy the experiments link on the Explore page. There are games, puzzles, and all sorts of cool things related to art. The 360 degrees link is full of cool augmented and virtual reality things to explore. I like that you can go inside a space shuttle and find out how one goes to the loo in space. Just what you always wanted to know, right? We can’t travel much right now, but we can still visit and learn about the arts around the world. It’s all at your fingertips, so go check it out!