As a US Marine Corps veteran turned VFX expert, Claudio Gonzalez’s trajectory in the industry is characterized by leadership and technical excellence. Proficient in creating intricate visual sequences and guiding formidable teams, his expertise is wide-ranging. He has recently expanded his client base through short-term contracts, ensuring top-tier visual results even within tight deadlines.

His leadership at Falcon’s Creative Group has revitalized the digital media department, with projects featured on platforms like Netflix and YouTube. Claudio worked for Blue Sky Studios and Digital Domain and has credits in projects like Gran Turismo, Spirited, and I wanna Dance with Somebody. He has numerous visual effects awards and nominations. Whether in the role of Compositing Supervisor or Visual Effects Supervisor, he seamlessly integrates diverse VFX elements while leading teams across geographical boundaries. Occasionally, he takes on producer roles, mastering the art of balancing client relations with exceptional quality.