Mariel Folmer

As a Florida native and Visual Effects Compositing Artist with over eight years of Industry experience, Mariel has worked with some of the top studios in the Film Industry, more specifically post-production, including, more recently, Crafty Apes VFX, Encore Studios, MPC (Motion Picture Company), as well as other renowned studios across the country and the World. Her career has taken her to cities such as Montreal and Los Angeles, and she currently resides in Baton Rouge, LA. Mariel loves to travel and still dreams of having residency in Europe at some point in her life. Her love for movies, photography, and video games brought her to learn at the DAVE School years ago. Because of this, she worked on some fantastic Feature Films, Television Shows, Commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries, Video Games, and more. She had the opportunity to audit and train throughout multiple departments in the Visual Effects world, things like VFX On-Set Supervising for films and shows, Producing, Coordinating, Editing, and so on.

Recently, She has taken on the role of Block 3 Online Compositing Instructor at the DAVE School in Orlando, FL. Though she is teaching remotely, she is thrilled to share her knowledge and expertise with the next generation of artists while constantly exploring ways to enhance the overall experience of becoming part of such a complex and fascinating industry.