PJ Salamon graduated from DAVE School with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Effects Production at the top of his class. Through the course of the curriculum at DAVE, he was awarded multiple times for Most Outstanding Student, Most Professional, and Best Graduate in his final block. His primary expertise is in Lighting and Compositing, but he is a well-rounded CG Generalist. PJ has taught modeling, animation, texturing, and compositing, making him a well-rounded artist. As the co-owner/Founder of Lucent Studios, a new up-and-coming VFX studio, PJ applies these talents to his work with the highest level of care and effort to ensure that any project he participates in can reach the fullest potential. And that is reflected in his professionalism, knowledge, and determination to excel in every aspect of his work. He has worked on award-winning short films, including Man of Fire by Heather Schmidt and, most recently, Because of This by Shanie Schwartzman, where he worked as the Visual Effects Supervisor.