The DAVE School Announces Foundry’s new Nuke Unreal Engine Implementation in Virtual Production Diploma Program

What do you get when you cross industry-leading motion picture visual effects & immersive game training programs?

The DAVE School’s Virtual Production prediction comes true!

Orlando — 11/22/2021 — Today, The DAVE School announced it will be implementing The Foundry’s new Nuke Unreal Engine tool “Unreal Reader” into their Virtual Production Bachelor’s program training and production pipelines. This exciting upgrade will enable students to be trained at the cutting edge of the new Virtual Production technologies currently sweeping the world.

 “In 2019 we made a huge move towards real-time and immersive technologies, with the vision that this was the future of both motion picture visual effects and immersive game technologies”, said Jon Gress, Academic Director at The DAVE School, “A lot of people looked at us like we were crazy back then. The popularity of The Mandalorian, and its forward-thinking LED wall production pipeline, brought a lot of attention and credibility to Virtual Production. The recent announcement by The Foundry that Nuke will now be able to integrate with Unreal Engine is the industry validation that this is the future.”

Advantages for students wanting movie, TV & immersive game careers

As demand for new artists in these areas of production begins to soar, students have begun seeing the advantages of an education in Virtual Production for both the movie & gaming industries. “The success rate of our graduates seeking employment is the highest it has been in several years.” said DAVE School’s Director of Career Services Michael Keith, “and many of the employers who have hired DAVE grads over the years are now developing virtual production pipelines. In addition to our current rolodex of employers, I have also been developing new relationships with studios and production companies in the virtual production arena so our students will be the first ones these employers think of when they need to hire the next generation of artists.”

Virtual Production Training

“As Virtual Production is such a new field, is in such high demand, and is evolving so rapidly with huge new developments every 3-6 months, it is really advantageous to be able to get trained and into your career as fast as possible. Our accelerated program gets students up to speed and into the job market in 12-18 months, which really is critical. If it was a 4-year program, whatever you had learned would be ancient history by the time you completed them in these fields,” Gress relates. The DAVE School has always been committed to getting students trained and into their field of choice as fast as possible. You can learn more about the DAVE School and its program available at

Our flagship Virtual Production (VP) diploma teaches everything from both the VFX and GAME programs and real-time technologies. You will learn: how to use LED wall virtual sets, lighting and production techniques for photo-real, real-time production, emerging production technologies, and many leading-edge approaches to the ever-evolving world of contemporary media creation.

Any student in our VFX or GAME diploma can choose to extend their initial 12- month choice into this new Virtual Production program. The six-month campus residency allows students to put their learned skills together with the development of two VFX projects, managed as if they were already working for a VFX studio.

About the DAVE School

Founded in 2000, The DAVE School has been training motion picture visual effects artists for over 20 years and immersive game artists since 2014. The DAVE School offers Diploma and Bachelor’s programs in Visual Effects Production, Game Production, Digital Graphic Design, and Virtual Production.

Located on the backlot of Universal Studios Florida®, The DAVE School has an 18,000 square foot facility that includes learning and interactive labs, a dedicated Virtual and Real-Time production stage, a Vicon motion capture system, 3D printing, and VR/AR labs, and secure student access 7 days a week.

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