The Keith Report #19

Welcome to the August 31st edition of The Keith Report! Below, you will find information about our alumni’s successes, events happening on campus, student highlights, job postings, and more. If you have something you’d like to see featured in the newsletter send me an email at


Check out all of these projects that our graduates have worked on!

The second season of Foundation was released on Apple TV+ on July 14th and grads Blake Dewoody and Vance Hadley both worked on the show!

The game inspired series Twisted Metal began streaming on Peacock on July 27th and graduate Dylen Velasquez worked on the show as a compositor!

The latest adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released only in theaters on August 2nd and graduates Les Foor and Dusty Hayes worked on the film!

The second season of Winning Time began streaming on MAX on August 6th and grads Cheyenne Kerr, Gabrielle Hermann, Lia Leinecke, and Mario Garcia all worked on the show!

The third season of Hulu’s original series Only Murders in the Building began streaming on August 8th and graduates Jason Maynard, Rob Tobin, and Derek Serra all worked on the show!

The ‘Based on a true story’ film Gran Turismo opened in theaters on August 25th and graduate Kyle Merola worked on the film as a compositing Supervisor!

DC’s latest comic to film adaptation is Blue Beetle which came out only in theaters on August 18th and grads Rachael Chiarella, Samantha McConnekll, Shawn Lopez, and Rick Ramirez all worked on the film!

The Disney+ series Ahsoka was released on August 22nd and graduates Yael Majors, Andrew Rhinehart and Terry Klopfenstein worked on the series!

The Netflix live action version of One Piece begins streaming on August 31st and graduate Jasper Baltzersen worked on the film as a Sr. Compositor!


Congratulations to Jenise Mass who was just hired as a 3D Artist at WHOLE HARTED STUDIOS!!!

Congratulations to Bailey Vaughan who was just hired as an Associate IPS Designer at KLS Martin Group!!

Congratulations to Matt Graham who was just promoted to Senior Animator at META!

Congratulations to Anna Volpe who was just hired as a Creative Manager by MaxWave3D!!

Congratulations to John Rushing who was just hired as a Graphic Artist by KBR Inc!!

Congratulations to Dalton Dalluge who was just hired as a compositor at STARGATE STUDIOS!!

Congratulations to Avani Jain who was just promoted to a producer role at BAD ROBOT GAMES!!!

Congratulations to Michal Bortman who was just hired as a Digital Artist at CBLC Wholesale!!

Congratulations to Shawn Lopez who was just hired as a character animator at ARCADE STUDIO!!


Are you working on a cool project? Have you been recently promoted? Did you land a new job? Send me an email telling me all about it and I’ll feature it here!



The DAVE School is excited to welcome our new Dean of Academic Affairs… Jasmine Carpenter! Welcome to The DAVE School Jasmine!!

I was so excited to see so many DAVE School friends at the alumni event I hosted in Los Angeles during Siggraph! Thank you to all of the amazing grads who showed up and had a good time! (For a hi-res version of this photo click here!

The DAVE School is looking for tutors to provide one on one help for current students. All disciplines are welcome and the students are willing to pay! If you’re interested send me an email!

The DAVE School is now on ArtStation and we would love to have all of our grads and students list themselves as either alumni or students! Click here to request for your ArtStation account to be listed in our profile!


A ‘Fresher” is an artist who is fresh to the industry and a Certified Fresher is a recent DAVE School graduate that we are promoting as someone who has the right work ethic, attitude, and skill level to start working immediately!

Jose Robles Velasquez just graduated from our VFX Production program and he is looking for a job as a Technical Artist! Check out his portfolio here! –>

*The above article is a copy of the original monthly Newsletter The Keyth Report.