The Keith Report #20

Welcome to the 20th edition of The Keith Report! Below, you will find information about our alumni’s successes, events happening on campus, student highlights, job postings, and more. If you have something you’d like to see featured in the newsletter, send me an email at


The Netflix comedy Family Switch was released on November 30th, and graduates Taylor Muhoberac and Eric Fields worked on the visual effects!

The Georgetown Project was released on December 14th, and graduates Tanner Bartlett, Mariel Folmer, Duncan Key, Ryan McConnell, and Paul Song all worked on the film!

The smash manga hit Yu Yu Hakusho has gotten a live-action adaptation and was released on Netflix on December 14th. Graduates Jeff King, Jason Bradbury, Daniel Perez, Andrea Jamiel, and Rachel Ulciny all worked on the visual effects!

The reimagining of Wonka was released in theaters on December 15th, and grads Jasper Baltzersen and Ric Atkinsonworked on the film!

The latest film from A24The Iron Claw, was released in theaters everywhere on December 22nd. Graduate Kevin Conlon worked on it as a lead composer!

Rebel Moon has been streaming on Netflix since December 22nd, and graduates Tiffany Bromley, Shawn Lopez, Blake Dewoody, and Daniel Perez all worked on the visual effects! This looks amazing, y’all!

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was released only in theaters on December 22nd, and grads Jeff King and Alex Heffner both worked on the film!

The musical remake of The Color Purple was released only in theaters on Christmas Day, and graduates Derek Serra, Cody Hernandez, Terry Klopfenstein, and Jasper Baltzersen all worked on the film!

The biopic Ferrari was released on Christmas Day, and graduate Terry Klopfenstein worked on the film as a VFX Artist!

The short documentary film Christmas with Walt Disney just began streaming on Disney+, and graduate Brian Bentley worked on it as a restoration artist!

Disney Shanghai’s Zootopia: Hot Pursuit attraction opened to the public on December 20th, and graduate April Warren worked on the ride as a ride animation supervisor!


Congratulations to Eric Mills, who was just hired as a Lead Artist III at EVERI HOLDINGS!

Congratulations to Avani Jain, who was just selected for the GAME AWARDS FUTURE CLASS OF 2023!

Congratulations to Megan Bosque, who was just hired as a CG Specialist at INGENUITY STUDIOS!


Are you working on a cool project? Have you been recently promoted? Did you land a new job? Send me an email about it, and I’ll feature it here!


We are excited to welcome Alicia Rojan, Jewell Nelson, and Sydney Kimmel to our admissions team!!

In the last 12 months, I have seen an increase in how many of my graduates have alerted me to or asked me about employment scams. It usually starts with “Does this opportunity look legitimate?” A few times, they were, but several had red flags that indicated there was a scammer at work. To see the top 7 employment scams I have seen come across my desk, click here!

Would you like to be a guest speaker at DAVE School? Do you have at least 5 years of industry experience? Then let me know by sending me an email!


A ‘Fresher’ is an artist who is new to the industry, and a Certified Fresher is a recent DAVE School graduate that we are promoting as someone who has the right work ethic, attitude, and skill level to start working immediately!

Samantha Torres just graduated from our Virtual Production program, and she is looking for a job as an environment artist, but she can lighten, model, and knows Unreal! Check out her portfolio here!

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