The Keith Report: April 13th Alumni Update

For those of you who are looking for something to watch or play be sure to check out some of these projects that our graduates have worked on!

The trailer for Marvel Studio's new series Loki just dropped and there were several DAVE School alumni who worked on the show including Tanner Bartlett (2013), Chris Cheng (2016), Duncan Key (2015), Erika Chlupsa (2016), and Jeremy Peacock (2015)! The show will premiere on Disney+ on June 11th.

The very non-kid friendly movie Mortal Kombat will begin April 23rd in theaters and on HBO Max and alumnus Christopher Montesano (2010) worked on the film as a pipeline supervisor!

The 2nd season of Creepshow began airing on Shudder on April 1st and Bryan Haines (2004), Jasper Baltzersen (2002), Tanner Bartlett (2013), Duncan Key and Tyler Usie (2017) all worked on the series as compositors!

The new series Superman & Lois began airing on the CW recently and Derek Serra (2007) worked on it as a compositor!

Some of the alumni at Falcons Creative Group are working on episodes 1-9 of Enchantimals including Anthony Solitario (2009), Nicolette Korpolinski (2015), and Adam Berry (2020)! 

The Netflix action comedy Thunder Force premiered on April 9th and graduate Jimi Clark (2010) worked on the film as a producer!

The final season of Supergirl began airing on March 30th on CW and Patrick Horne (2008), Jon Gourley (2006), Dan Dod (2004), Manny Rosario (2004), and Ed Ruiz (2008) have all contributed to VFX work on the show!

The new horror series THEM began streaming on April 9th on Amazon Prime and graduate Dwight Carter (2012) worked on the show as a VFX Coordinator!

Congratulations to graduates PJ Salamon (2019) and Braden Brunk (2019) who worked on the VFX award winning short film Man of Fire!

Job Updates!

Congratulations to Katie Hamberger (2011) who is now a Stereoscopic Technical Director at Pixar!

Congratulations to graduate Mariel Folmer (2016) who was just hired by Crafty Apes as a compositor in their new Baton Rouge studio! Geaux Mariel!

Congratulations to alumni Mark Davis (2015) who just got promoted to Head of 2D Atlanta for CoSA VFX!!

Congratulations to graduate Rachel Ulciny (2016) who was just hired as the Lead Paint and Roto Artist at Method Studios!

Congratulations to graduate Ariel Fore (2020) who just got hired in her first industry job as an animator for Mr. X!

Congratulations to graduate Marcus Silvera (2011) who just accepted an offer to work for Rouge MoCap as a mocap artist!

Congratulations to Tyler Crabtree (2020) who was just hired by Lakshya Digital in her first industry job as an environment artist!

Congratulations to David Ronnes (2016) who just landed a gig with FLIX Interactive as a Senior Marketing Artist!

About The DAVE School

The DAVE School was founded on June 8, 2000 by two Industry executives looking to create #CareerReady artists with a practical animation school. Today, The DAVE School offers specialized training in Visual Effects and Game Production with extensive practice under industry level supervision.

Located on the backlot of Universal Studios Florida®, The DAVE School has an 18,000 square foot facility that includes learning and interactive labs, a dedicated Virtual and Real-Time production stage, a Vicon motion capture system, 3D printing and VR/AR labs and secure student access 7 days a week.

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