The Keith Report: December 30th Alumni Update

For those of you who are looking for something to watch or play be sure to check out some of these projects that our graduates have worked on!

If you haven't seen Spiderman: No Way Home I highly recommend seeing it before you hear spoilers! It opened on December 17th only in theaters and talk about spoilers... there are 21 DAVE grads who worked on this amazing film! Selena Farkas, Francesca Milde, Mike Brant, Timothy Fleur, Bryan Haines, Christopher Cheng, Duncan Key, Erika Chlupsa, Greta Thompson, Kevin Crowe, Kyle Merola, Paul Song, Ryan McConnell, Tanner Bartlett, Tyler Barnas, Drew Tobin, Jason Bomstein, Alex Heffner, Aaron Beyer, Zach Lemire, and Yael Majors!!

I missed this on my last newsletter but Lost in Space season 3 came out on Netflix on December 1st and graduates Selena Farkas and Rachel Chiarella worked on the new season and Evander Major and Jason Bradbury worked on previous seasons! This has been one of my favorite shows! Lost in Space, a Netflix original follows the Robinson family as they inhabit far off planets, living to survive with a colony of other space travelers. Lost in Space was nominated for 2 primetime Emmys. Also, congratulations to Selena Farkas, Rachel Chiarella, Evander Major and Jason Bradbury for working on the Lost in Space Netflix original.

The long awaited Matrix Resurrections came out in theaters and on HBOMax on December 22nd and graduate Cody Hernandez worked on it as a Lead Pre-Vis artist! The Matrix Resurrections follows the original crew from the Matrix Trilogy through an alternative reality run by robots. Starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, Matrix Resurrections once again looks for an architect that can shape the everyday lives of humans in the Matrix. DAVE School would like to congratulate Gody Hernandez for being a lead pre-vis artist on The Matrix Resurrections.

The latest project from Guillermo Del Toro is Nightmare Alley and it came out only in theaters on December 17th and grad Caitlin Page worked on the film as a compositor!

Season 2 of The Witcher came out on Netflix on December 17th and graduate Devin Zoltowski worked on it as a compositor!!

The new Star Wars series The Book of Boba Fett came out on Disney+ on December 29th and graduate Anthony Jacob worked on it as a virtual production artist!!

The Destiny 2: 30th Anniversary Pack is available now and grad Ben Platnick worked on it as an FX artist for Bungie!

The dark comedy Don't Look Up came out in select theaters on December 10th and on Netflix on December 24th and grads Timothy LaFleur worked on the movie!

The animated film Rumble came out on Paramount+ on December 15th and graduates Ross Ovington and Rachel Chiarella worked on it as compositors!

Job Updates!

Congratulations to graduate Devon McFarland who just got hired by Impatient Cow as a post production specialist!

Congratulations to grad Nickolas Stevens who just got hired by Crafty Apes as a compositing supervisor!!

Congratulations to grad Jeff King who just got hired as a FX Artist at Scanline! That's Big Time baby!

Congratulations to graduate Devin Zoltowski who just got hired as a compositor by Method Studios!

Congratulations to Jose Astacio who was recently hired as the Virtual Production Lead at That's No Moon!

Congratulations to Chris Hewitt who just got promoted to 3D Production Supervisor for Blipd!

Visual Effects Diploma Program

Visual Effects (VFX) is the essence of a movie or TV show once the filming is complete, the explosions, the falling helicopters, or the transformation from 21st century New York into 1920’s New York. Scenes that are too hard or dangerous to film, such as smoke, water, and oceans, or worlds and environments come to life through Visual Effects.

The DAVE School Visual Effects Diploma program spans 12-months and offers scheduled starts each Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Its uniquely flexible, hybrid format combines nine months of live, online classes with three months of in-person learning here at our Orlando, Florida campus. Students get to refine their skills in an immersive combination of project-based workflows and applied studio skills, preparing them for their advancement into the Visual Effects workplace.

Game Production Diploma Program

Game production is predominantly about imagining and building entire worlds and their inhabitants from scratch and devising immersive experiences that can run and adapt to the demands of user play in real-time. Our GAME PRODUCTION students share much of the initial introduction to their craft with our VFX crew, as the fundamental skills required in 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and composition have a lot of overlap.

The DAVE School Game Production Diploma (GPD) teaches specifically for success in this thriving industry. Like its sister VFX Diploma, the GPD Program spans 12 months and offers scheduled starts each Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. Its uniquely flexible, hybrid format combines nine months of live, online classes with three months of on-campus lessons in Orlando, Florida. During this three-month studio residency, students work together under the direct guidance of their instructors on pre-production techniques of a real game of their making.

About The DAVE School

The DAVE School was founded on June 8, 2000 by two Industry executives looking to create #CareerReady artists with a practical animation school. Today, The DAVE School offers specialized training in Visual Effects and Game Production with extensive practice under industry level supervision.

Located on the backlot of Universal Studios Florida®, The DAVE School has an 18,000 square foot facility that includes learning and interactive labs, a dedicated Virtual and Real-Time production stage, a Vicon motion capture system, 3D printing and VR/AR labs and secure student access 7 days a week.

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