The Keith Report: February 3rd Alumni Project Update

For those of you who are looking for something to watch or play be sure to check out some of these projects that our graduates have worked on!

The movie Judas and the Black Messiah comes out in theaters and on HBO Max on February 12th and alumni Richard Aponte (2009) and Chad Herrada (2008) worked on it for Powerhouse VFX!

<<CORRECTION>> The much anticipated WandaVision started streaming on Disney+ on January 15th and Alumni Rachael Chiarella (2016) worked on it as an environment artist for Digital Domain AND... Brandon Pak (2018) and Joseph Coto (2017) also worked on it for the previs studio The Third Floor!

Cobra Kai - Season 2 - Episode 203

Joseph Lisowski (2016) worked on the Netflix show Cobra Kai as a compositor for Zoic Studios in New York! It's a fun show and season 3 was just released.

DAVE School alumni Steve O'Donnell (2003) has been at EA Sports for the last 13.5 years and his most recent game title is Madden 21 where he worked on the lighting!

The second season of Batwoman was just released on January 17th on the CW and alumnus Michael Davidson (2006) was a VFX Supervisor.

The new season of 9-1-1 Lone Star was released on January 18th and alumna Mariel Folmer (2016) worked on the show as a VFX compositor.

The show Mixed-ish was just released yesterday and alumna Tiffany Bromley (2016) worked on the show as a compositor! Also, a big congrats to Tiffany on her new job with Warner Bros as a compositor!

I thought this was really of our alumnus creates 3D models for Lamar Outdoor Advertising and his models are printed giant sized and used on billboards! Just another type of job available to graduates of The DAVE School! Congrats to Shamar Milton (2013) for having some of the largest 3D models ever printed by a DAVE graduate!

Alumnus Devon McFarland (2017) works on live sporting events compositing elements during the broadcast. His most recent project was the UFC fight Poirier vs McGregor but he also works on MLB broadcasts.

Alumnus Varun Raja (2015) works as an animator for Aristocrat and he worked on FIFA 21! Very cool Varun!

Congratulations to alumnus Jairo Hermida (2013) who is working as an animator for the PBS Show Elinor Wonders Why which is currently airing on PBS Kids!

The Keith Report is a bi-weekly newsletter written by Director of Career Services, Michael Keith. It consists of alumni job and credit updates, school happenings, job opportunities and more! These credit updates are from the February 3rd, 2021 newsletter which you could read here.