The Keith Report #18

Welcome to the July 26th edition of The Keith Report! Below you will find information about our alumni’s successes, events happening on campus, student highlights, job postings, and more. If you have something you’d like to see featured in the newsletter send me an email at


Check out all of these projects that our graduates have worked on!

I know you’ve been waiting but Barbie was finally released only in theaters on July 21st and graduates Zach Meyer, Ric Atkinson, Megan Kuntz, and Gabriela Brandes all worked on the film as compositors!

The latest Marvel series Secret Invasion began streaming on Disney+ on June 21st and grads Eric Fields, Yael Majors, and Francesca Milde all worked on the show!

The latest DreamWorks film is Ruby Gilman Teenage Kraken and graduate Peyton Glover worked on it as a Lighter / Compositor!

The horror film Insidious The Red Door opened only in theaters on July 7th and grads Eion Ray Patterson and Kollen Wasylean worked on it as compositors!

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny came out only in theaters on June 30th and graduates Kevin Crowe and Jaime Riveros worked on the film as VFX Artists!

The Jennifer Lawrence comedy film No Hard Feelings opened in theaters on June 23rd and graduate Gerardo Garcia worked on the film as a compositor!

The comedy series The Out-Laws began streaming on Netflix on July 7th and grads Tanner Bartlett, Chris Cheng, Terry Klopfenstein, Roland Porth, Tyler Usie, and Zach Wise all worked on the show!!

The Netflix comedy They Cloned Tyrone was released on July 21st and graduates Tanner Bartlett, Mike Brant, Chris Cheng, Bryan Haines, Dan Kaczkowski, Duncan Key, and Roland Porth all worked on the film as VFX artists!

The long awaited game Remnant II was released on July 25th on PC, PS5, and Xbox and graduates Michael Long and John J. O’Mahony III worked on it!

Congratulations to graduate Cristian Omar Jimenez on his Telly award win for his work as an editor on Restaurants on the Radar!

The Disney film The Haunted Mansion comes out only in theaters on July 28th and graduates Devin Zoltowski, Shawn Lopez, Josh Clark, and Brandon Pak worked on the film!

The wacky comedy The Beanie Bubble comes out on  Apple TV on July 28th and graduates Bryan Haines, Patrick Schultz, Tyler Usie, and Zachary Wise all worked on the film as compositors!

The fantasy film Wonderwell was released in theaters on June 23rd and grads Evander Major and Selena Farkas worked on the film!

The second season of the STARZ Series HEELS will begin streaming on July 28th and grads Zach Wise, Erika Chlupsa, Mike Brant, Tanner Bartlett, Bryan Haines, and Tyler Usie all worked on the series!

The VR Game Battle Bows was released on Metaquest 3 and Steam on July 13th and graduate Heather Kundson worked on the game as a character artist!


Congratulations to Shawn Pryor who was just hired as an animator at IRON GALAXY!!!

Congratulations to James Austin who was just hired as a compositor at FUSE FX!!

Congratulations to Ben Platnick who was just hired as a VFX Artist II by RIOT GAMES!!

Congratulations to Rachel Chiarella who was just hired as a Matte Painter by SONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS!!

Congratulations to Riley Brown who was just hired as a compositor at CADENCE EFFECTS!!

Congratulations to Kyle Merola who was just promoted to compositing supervisor at CRAFTY APES!!

Congratulations to Bailey Vaughan who was just hired as an Animator / Rigger at KLS Martin!!


Are you working on a cool project? Have you been recently promoted? Did you land a new job? Send me an email telling me all about it and I’ll feature it here!


The DAVE School is excited to welcome our newest admissions representatives… from left to right is Omar Bohler, Argelis Milian Robles, and Amber Jones. Welcome to The DAVE School everyone!!

DAVE School is hiring for two positions: A Dean of Academics and a Student Services Coordinator. To apply for either of these roles please click here!

The DAVE School is looking for tutors to provide one on one help for current students. All disciplines are welcome and the students are willing to pay! If you’re interested send me an email!

The DAVE School is now on ArtStation and we would love to have all of our grads and students list themselves as either alumni or students! Click here to request for your ArtStation account to be listed in our profile!


A ‘Fresher” is an artist who is fresh to the industry and a Certified Fresher is a recent DAVE School graduate that we are promoting as someone who has the right work ethic, attitude, and skill level to start working immediately!                                 
Jeremiah Allen just graduated from our VFX Production program and he is looking for a job as a Digital Matte Painter or compositor! Check out his portfolio here! –>

*The above article is a copy of the original monthly Newsletter The Keyth Report.