The Keith Report: June 8th Alumni Update

For those of you who are looking for something to watch or play be sure to check out some of these projects that our graduates have worked on! They include everything from a horror movie The Conjuring and F9 of the Fast and Furious Series, all the way to video games like Fortnite and Ratchet and Clank. Many of our esteemed alumni at DAVE School were instrumental in the creation of visual effects, game production and film composition for these AAA franchise movies and video games.

The third installment in the Conjuring universe is called The Conjuring: The Devil made me do it and it was released in theaters and on HBOMax on June 4th and DAVE School alumni Tanner Bartlett (2013), Erika Chlupsa (2016), Bryan Haines (2004), Duncan Key (2015), and Tyler Usie (2017) all worked on the movie The Conjuring!

The Spectrum original comedy The Bite began streaming on May 21st and alumni Kieran Ryan (2017), Nick Dauphanais (2010), and Chad Herrada (2008) all worked on the show!

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part II was recently released and Kelsie Groth (2015) worked on the game as an VFX Artist!

A Quiet Place: Part II opened in theaters on May 28th and graduate Chad Herrada (2008) worked on the film as a compositor!

The dance musical In the Heights opens in theaters and begins streaming on HBO Max on June 10th and Chad Herrada (2008) worked on the movie as a compositor!

The new Marvel series Loki premieres on June 9th on Disney+ and there were several DAVE School graduates who worked on the show including Ric Atkinson (2016), Tyler Usie (2017), Tanner Bartlett (2013), Chris Cheng (2016), Duncan Key (2015), Erika Chlupsa (2016), and Jeremy Peacock (2015)!

Season 2 of Black Summer begins streaming on Netflix on June 17th and graduate Michael Currie (2011) was a VFX Supervisor for the show!

The much anticipated F9: The Fast Saga releases in theaters on June 25th and Selena Farkas (2016) and Jaime Riveros (2014) worked on the film as VFX Artists!

Disney Pixar's latest movie Luca will be released on June 18th on Disney+ and Katie Hamberger (2011) worked on the movie as her first project for Pixar!

Our good friends at Superplastic Toys have managed to get their Guggimon character into Fortnite Season 7! There are numerous DAVE School graduates at Superplastic all under the leadership of grad Tom Bremer (2004)! Great work guys!

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart comes out on June 11th and graduate Brian Mullen (2011) worked on the game as a senior lighter for Insomniac Games!

Job Updates!

Congratulations to graduate Katie Chapman (2017) who is now a compositor for Netflix!

Congratulations to alumnus Lee Schmit (2015) for getting hired by Nickelodeon as a production coordinator!

Congratulations to Breno Guinart (2014) who was just promoted to Lead Texture Artist at Digital Domain!

Congratulations to alumnus Andre Aspirany (2017) who is now a 3D Artist at Rooms To Go!

Congratulations to Scott Curtis (2020) who just accepted an offer to work for Crafty Apes in Atlanta!

Congratulations to Aidan Jones (2021) who just accepted an offer to work for Crafty Apes in Baton Rouge!

Congratulations to Shannon Staiber (2020) who was just hired by Rotation Productions as a Technical Director!

Congratulations to graduate Selena Farkas (2016) who just got hired as a compositor for Digital Domain!

About The DAVE School

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