The Keith Report: May 13th Alumni Update

For those of you who are looking for something to watch or play be sure to check out some of these projects that our graduates have worked on! Including Without Remorse and Army of the Dead to name a few.

Tom Clancy's Without Remorse premiered on Amazon on April 30th and graduate Leo Pritchard (2016) worked on it as a compositor for Pixomondo. Without Remorse was released in 2021 to much fanfare. Without Remorse was a thriller starring Michael B Jordan that offered a unique perspective to the Jack Ryan series. Pixomondo in particular has earned many Oscar and Emmy awards as a virtual production company. Leo Pritchard, a graduate of DAVE School, found a home at Pixomondo and got to flex his talent on the Amazon movie Without Remorse.

The animated comedy The Mitchell's vs the Machines began streaming on Netflix on April 30th and alumnus Drew Tobin (2009) was a Senior Lighter and Compositor for Sony Imageworks where he worked on the film!

The Netflix action comedy horror romp Army of the Dead premieres in select theaters and on Netflix on May 21st and alumni Tanner Bartlett (2013), Blake Dewoody (2016), Bryan Haines (2004), Duncan Key (2015), Jeremy Peacock (2015), April Singleton (2015), and Devin Zoltowski (2015) all worked on the film's VFX! These talented visual effects technicians that worked on Army of the Dead got their VFX foundation from DAVE School. Army of the Dead is a great example of the quality visual effects work that graduates learn at DAVE School.

The Netflix original movie Things Heard & Seen began streaming on April 29th in theatres and alumnus Tanner Bartlett (2010) worked on the film as a compositor!

The first volume of Jupiter's Legacy began airing on Netflix on May 7th and Selena Farkas (2016) worked on the series as a compositor! (I'm on the 4th episode and I really like it)

The 7th season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow began airing on the CW on May 2nd and Rick Ramirez (2007), Patrick Horne (2008), Teague Chrystie (2007), Ed Ruiz (2008), and Dan Millen (2013) all worked on the series!

The Netflix original movie The Woman in the Window begins streaming on Netflix tomorrow, May 14th and alumni Jasper Baltzersen (2002), Simon McKelleget (2016), Tanner Bartlett (2013), Duncan Key (2015), and Jeremy Peacock (2015) all worked on this film!

The Amazon original series The Underground Railroad begins tomorrow, May 14th and Chris Cheng (2016) and Jeremy Peacock (2015) have contributed to the VFX work on the show!

The FOX series The Resident just wrapped on its 4th season and Eion-Ray Patterson (2004) worked on the show as a compositor for Stargate Studios!

Graduate Francesca Milde (2016) worked as a compositor for Luma Pictures on the feature film Those Who Wish Me Dead which released in theaters and HBO Max on May 14th.

Congratulations to graduate Dana Passarella (2009) who worked on the new PBS Kids project Donkey Hodie!! (That title cracks me up!)

Job Updates!

Congratulations to recent graduate Ben Platnick (2021) who just got hired at Bungie as an FX artist! Congrats Ben!

Congratulations to alumnus Ben Redman (2019) who was just hired by Atomic Cartoons as a crowd animator!

Congratulations to Steve Mitchum (2004) who is now the Senior Art Designer at Konami Gaming!

Congratulations to alumnus Jon Gourley (2006) who was just hired as an artist at SAIC!!

Congratulations to graduate Alejandro Perez Acevedo (2018) who just got hired as a Junior 3D Artist by Street Smarts VR!

Congratulations to graduate Matthew Greg (2019) who just accepted an offer to work for Superplastic Toys as a 3D Generalist!

Congratulations to Mac Yi (2020) who was just hired by AR Labs as the Lead VR Unity Artist!

Congratulations to graduate Freddy Oropeza (2003) who is now the Chief Creative Officer at Onchain Studios!

Congratulations to graduate Pete Cromwell (2011) who just landed a gig with Bento Box as a production coordinator!

Congratulations to graduate Kris Gruchalla (2015) who just got hired by Oculus VR as an AR/VR Apps Review Specialist!

About The DAVE School

The DAVE School was founded on June 8, 2000 by two Industry executives looking to create #CareerReady artists with a practical animation school. Today, The DAVE School offers specialized training in Visual Effects and Game Production with extensive practice under industry level supervision.

Located on the backlot of Universal Studios Florida®, The DAVE School has an 18,000 square foot facility that includes learning and interactive labs, a dedicated Virtual and Real-Time production stage, a Vicon motion capture system, 3D printing and VR/AR labs and secure student access 7 days a week.

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