Top 5 Sites to Build Your Humanities Repertoire

I love the Humanities! There is always more to learn and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with students. What are the Humanities, really? In a nutshell, it’s the study of human culture and society throughout time. This includes many disciplines, such as history, literature, art, architecture, theater, music, film, philosophy, religion, politics, and anthropology. Humanities seeks to find context and integrate the human endeavor as it evolves from antiquity to our postmodern world.

To give you a little taste and hopefully a little inspiration as well, let me share my top five online resources to build your humanities repertoire:

  1.  Google Arts & Culture - This is one of my favorite sites. You can find a vast amount of visual arts from around the world and one of the best things is you can virtually tour museums from many countries. Using Google’s street view technology, you can move around the museum and get within inches of artworks to examine brushwork in detail. You can use a selfie to discover which artworks look like you, and there are augmented reality features, too.
  2. Ted - This website features TED (Technology, Education, Design) talks on many disciplines. Quite a few of them fit within the Humanities sector.
  3. Openculture – This is a great resource for free videos, audiobooks, ebooks, and etextbooks.
  4. 10 things creative people do differently -  Canva is a commercial site, but they offer an interesting list that can spur creative inspiration.
  5. 40 books to unlock your creativity and get you started on your life's best work - Another great read offered on Canva. This book list is sure to spur your creativity.

I hope this whets your appetite to learn more about the Humanities. The DAVE School offers a variety of Humanities classes, which you can read about in the Catalog. I hope to see you in class!

Jean White

DAVE School Faculty